$10M GTD, Hands #50-51: Two in a Row For Bonomo

Hand #50  –  Samuel Bernabeu Guilabert raises UTG+1 to 250,000, Justin Bonomo calls from the cutoff, and Ray Qartomy calls from the big blind. The flop comes Kc Qs 9c, Qartomy checks, and Guilabert bets 250,000. Bonomo calls, and Qartomy folds. The turn is the 3s, and both players check.

The river card is the Jd, Guilabert bets 325,000, Bonomo raises to 900,000, and Guilabert folds. Bonomo takes the pot.

Hand #51  –  Justin Bonomo min-raises from the hijack to 240,000, winning the blinds and antes.