Championship: Christian Harder Eliminated in 26th Place by Farid Jattin

$5,300 SHRPO Championship
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 24:  25,000/50,000 with a 50,000 ante
Players Remaining:  25 of 1,070

Christian Harder

Natasha Mercier raised to 100,000 from the cutoff, Christian Harder three-bet all in for 330,000 from the button, Farid Jattin four-bet to about 650,000 from the small blind, and Mercier folded.

Harder:  AsTd
Jattin:  6h6s

The board ran out Js8c4c5s3c, no help to Harder, ending his tournament in 26th place.

Farid Jattin  –  5,600,000  (112 bb)
Christian Harder  –  Eliminated in 26th Place  ($25,790)

With 25 players remaining from a field of 1,070, the average chip stack is around 1,710,000 (34 big blinds). The remaining players are guaranteed at least $25,790 each.

The field will play as long as it takes today to reach the nine-handed final table, which is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 12:00 noon.