Championship Day 1B: Dana Caruso Wins One

$5,300 SHRPO Championship
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 2:  200/300 with a 300 ante
Day 1B Entries: 274

Dana Caruso

The board read Ks7c5s7s when Dana Caruso bet 1,200 from the big blind. UTG+1 called, and Alan Schein check-raised to 6,200 from the small blind.

Caruso called, and UTG+1 folded before the river delivered the 10c. Schein bet 11,000, Caruso raised all in for 15,100, and Schein thought for a minute before folding.

Caruso flipped over KdKh as he collected the pot uncontested to stack up 46,300, and Schein was at 95,500 after the hand.

Dana Caruso – 46,300 (154 bb)
Alan Schein – 95,500 (318 bb)