Championship Day 1B: Diamond Takes Out Two

$3,500 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship
Level 7: 250/500/75 Ante

We got to the table with two players all in on a board of 8h7c5d and Steven Diamond facing a decision. It appeared that Diamond had initially bet out of the small blind as there was a T5,000 chip in front of him. The player to his left had moved all in for 17,100 total and James Calderaro called all in for just slightly less than that.

Diamond appeared to be calculating the pot odds in his head and having both players covered decided to make the call with his 8s6d for top pair with an open-ended straight draw. Calderaro had JdJc and the third player had KdKc. The turn would change everything as it was the 9h to give Diamond a straight. The river was a meaningless 7h and Diamond took down the pot.

“Good luck guys,” said Calderaro, winner of the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open just down the road in Coconut Creek back in February of 2014.