Championship Day 1C: Yoda And The Ducks

$3,500 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship
Level 8: 300/600/75 Ante

A veteran name has been amassing chips and you might even say he’s an “X”-wing fighter considering the player next to him is trying to channel The Force to get to Day 2.

Paul Margriel, known as “X-22” and known for his famous phrase “quack-quack” is amassing a stack worthy of advancing as he stands at 128,000.

In the meantime, James Joyner is looking to Jedi Master Yoda for good luck using him as a card protector and has even offered Yoda his wedding ring for some extra power.

To go with the theme, Joyner was getting a massage and had his gold-trimmed headphones down in front of his mouth making him look like a potential new Star Wars character.

Both player will look to continue on to Day 2 as we play out the final two levels of Day 1C.

Paul Magriel and James Joyner
Paul Magriel and James Joyner