Championship: Polk Rivered

$5,300 Championship NLH $10 Million Guaranteed (Re-Entry)
Level 25: Blinds 12k/24k/4k ante

Doug Polk was relaxed all day at the table, talking his way through play while getting a massage. He dropped beneath 500,000 and open-shoved for 447,000 from under the gun. Action folded around to Jared Jaffee in the big blind and he joked, “I wonder if it’s worth a chip dump” before looking at his cards.

Jaffee called but was behind with AhJc against JsJd. The dealer kept it clean on the Ts8h6h flop but Jaffee added a flush draw to his overcard with the 3h turn. It was the river Ac to end the high-roller’s day in the Championship.