Event 1: Andrew Heckman Has More Than 10% of the Chips in Play

$600 Deep Stack NLH (Single Re-Entry Per Flight)
$500,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 27: 30,000/60,000 with a 60,000 ante
Players Remaining: 37 of 3,902

Andrew Heckman

Picking up the action on the turn of a 3h10c4h9c board with about 450,000 in the pot, Sean O’Brien checked from the small blind and Andrew Heckman bet 225,000 from the big blind.

Ricardo Eyzaguirre raised to 645,000 from under the gun, Salvatore Sollecito called from the cutoff and O’Brien folded. Heckman reraised to 1,725,000, Eyzaguirre folded and Sollecito called to swell the pot to about 4.5 million (75 big blinds).

The river was the 10s, Heckman shoved for effectively 750,000 and Sollecito tanked for a bit before he open folded Ah9h.

Heckman showed As as he collected the pot.

Andrew Heckman – 8,350,000 (139 bb)
Ricardo Eyzaguirre – 2,700,000 (45 bb)
Sean O’Brien – 1,850,000 (31 bb)
Salvatore Sollecito – 750,000 (12 bb)