Event 1 Day 1E: Final Four

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Perhaps some players have a dinner reservation because the pace of play picked up over the last level instead of slowing down as stacks increase. Day 1E is not down to the final four tables leaving just 36 of the starting 226 able to move onto Day 2.

They hit the four table mark in a big hand which was destined to be all-in when the cards were dealt. The small blind three-bet after a middle position open and the big blind followed by moving all-in for 32,000. The first player mucked his hand but the small blind instantly called leaving just one 5k chip behind.

The small blind flipped over two red Aces while his opponent needed a lot of help with Kd Ks. Two big hands in the blinds. Disaster looked apparent when the flop brought the Kc in the door. It looked like the small blind player would have to test the old adage of “a chip and a chair” but the suck-resuck card came right on the turn with the As. No miracle river quads for the big blind and they are down to four tables.