Event 1 Day 1F: An Orbit With Table 35

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 1.2K/2.4K Ante 300

Last level of the day, 36 players remain. We observed table 35 for an orbit. Here was our cast of characters/poker players:


Blinds were 1K/2K with a 200 ante:

Hand #1:  Seat 4 opens for 4.2K from the button. Seat 6 calls from the big blind. The flop comes JSTD8H and both players check. The turn is the 5S. Seat 6 checks and folds when Seat 4 bets 4.1K.

Hand #2: Seat 4 raises again, this time from the cutoff, and this time for 4.3K. Seat 7 calls from the big blind. The flop comes ACQH3D and the big blind, who is the big stack at the table, leads out for 5K. Seat 4 makes it a little more than 13K to go. Seat 7 slides his cards underneath his hands back and forth and then grabs a stack of 5K chips. He cuts them out in front and then places them back on his stack. Glancing over at Seat 4’s stack, he grabs some calling chips and makes the call. The turn is the QS and Seat 7 instantly moves all in. Seat 4 is just as quick to fold and Seat 7 shows a queen for turned trips.

Hand #3:  Seat 4 raises for the third hand in a row. Seat 7 calls from the small blind and Seat 8 joins along from the big blind. The flop comes KH8H7C and the big stack in Seat 7 says “10K” and tosses out two 5K chips. Both players fold and Seat 7 wins the pot.

Hand #4: Seat 2 opens in early position to 5.7K. Seat 9 calls out of the big blind. The flop comes KSTD2H and both players check. On the AC turn, Seat 9 leads out for 4.7K and is called by Seat 2. The river is the 8D and seat 9 bets again, this time for 9.9K. Seat 2 thinks for a few moments but ultimately makes the call. Seat 9 turns over QCJS for the nut straight and Seat 2 mucks.

Hand #5: Seat 6 opens for 5K and is called by Seat 8 from the button and Seat 9 from the small blind. The flop comes TCTD6C and Seat 9 checks. Seat 6 moves all in for about 20K and Seat 8 folds quickly. Seat 9 thinks a bit as Seat 6 leans his head on his arms. Seat 9 sits up and shakes his head before giving his hand up.

Hand #6: Seat 4 raises again, this time to 4.5K. Everyone folds this time.

Hand #7: Seat 7 raises to 4.8K. Everyone folds.

Hand #8: Seat 6 opens for 5K. Seat 7 and 9 call. Seat 4 moves all in for approximately 40K. Everyone folds and Seat 4 picks up the nice pot without a showdown.

Hand #9: Seat 5 completes the small blind and wins the pot when he makes a bet on the river after checking it down with Seat 7 who was in the big blind after Seat 6 moved to another table.