Event 1 Day 1G: Multi-Stacks Award Winners

$360 Ultimate Re-Entry No Limit Hold’em
$500,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 3: 75/150
Flight G Entries: 372

Ariel Rosello Quintana

The Ultimate Re-Entry format provides players with a different, unique opportunity to earn some money. They had a choice to enter as many flights as fit their schedule and did not have to wait until Sunday afternoon to hit the payout cage.

If a player moves multiple stacks forward to Day 2, they’ll play their biggest stack after getting paid $2,500 for their smaller stack(s). And they can keep trying until registration closes on Flight H tonight at 11:45pm.

So far, we’ve had 15 players take advantage of the opportunity and bank $2,500 before playing a hand on Sunday. Three of those players managed to survive three flights to pick up two Multi-stack awards. Nicholas Cookedorfer, Adam Koppel, and Ismail Patel have already cashed out for $5,000 and they have two more chances to do it again.

Multi-stack Award winners:

  • Nicholas Cookendorfer*
  • Adam Koppel*
  • Ismail Patel*
  • Cary Alter
  • William Corvino
  • Julien Durity
  • Luis Fernandez
  • Drew Johnson
  • Gaston Miculitzki
  • Hector Pacheco
  • Ariel Rosello Quintana (pictured)
  • Benjamin Scrogins
  • Raminder Singh
  • Nikolla Sinishtaj
  • Russel Williams

*denotes player who has bagged three times