Event 1 Day 1H: Last Level

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 1.2K/2.4K Ante 300

There are 49 players left as we play the last level of the night. We witnessed three all in hands while walking around the tournament area. Two survived, one did not.

The first one saw a player open for 4.5K, the small blind call, and then the short stacked big blind move all in for just under 20K. The initial raiser folded and the small blind called. The short stack held AS8S and was against 9D9C. The flop came 7C5H4C keeping the 9’s in the lead. The turn changed that as it was the AH and the river only improved the short stacks hand giving him a straight when it was the 6S.

The second hand saw a short stack move all in for about 7K and receiving two callers, creating a pot of about 25K. The two callers checked it down on the AS7S5CAHKS board and the young lady with pocket 10’s eliminated the short stack who held QDTS.

The last hand saw another short stack get it all in for approximately 20K with ADJC. He was called by a player with ACKH and was in big trouble when the flop came AS6S3S. A miracle three outer on the turn in the form of the JS gave him the card he needed to survive and the meaningless 4C on the river meant a double up and the chance to move on to Day 2 action in less than 11 hours.