Event 1, Flight B: David Levy Bounces Back from the Brink

$600 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 5:  200/400 with a 400 ante
Flight B Entries:  236

David Levy
David Levy caught a three-outer on the river and then won the hand after that to go from less than a single big blind to 12 big blinds.

In the final minutes of the last level (before the break), David Levy lost a race when his Ax9x lost to another player’s 8x8x, and that knocked Levy down to just 200 in chips — less than the big blind.

Under the gun, Levy called all in for 200, and then a handful of other players entered the hand to create a side pot.

The flop came AsKh10d, the player in the small blind checked, and the big blind bet 2,300. Marcus Stein called from the cutoff, and the small blind also called.

The turn card was the 6c, the small blind checked, and the big blind bet 5,000. Stein moved all in for 13,700, and the small blind moved all in over the top for 13,900. The big blind reluctantly called, covering them both by just a little bit.

All four players turned over their cards, and here they were in descending order of chip counts:

Big Blind:  Ks10s  (two pair, kings and tens)
Small Blind:  Ah10c  (two pair, aces and tens)
Marcus Stein:  Ac10h  (two pair, aces and tens)
David Levy:  Qs9h  (gutshot straight draw)

The river card was — the Jd!

Levy rivered an ace-high straight to win the main pot and climb all the way back to about 1,700 in chips. Stein and the small blind chopped the side pot to finish with a little more than 26K each, while the big blind was left with a very short stack.

David Levy  –  1,700  (6 bb)
Marcus Stein  –  26,200  (87 bb)

The next hand, Levy got it all in preflop from the big blind against two other players, including the short-stacked small blind who lost the previous pot.

Middle Position:  Ac5s
David Levy:  Ad8s
Small Blind:  4d2s

The board came 7c5c4c7h6h, and Levy made an eight-high straight to double up thru the player in middle position and eliminate the small blind.

The button moved, and to the amusement of the rest of the table, Levy said, “Now I’m the small blind? I can’t catch a break.”

David Levy  –  3,700  (12 bb)