Event 1 Flight C: Son Vo Knocks Out Two Players in a Big Three-Way All-In

$600 Deep Stack No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 14:  1,500/3,000 and a 3,000 ante
Flight C Players Remaining:  105 of 658

Son Vo
Son Vo

There was a three-way preflop all-in situation at Table 8, with Son Vo as the big stack with 123,500, and Rafael Lima as the second largest stack with about 94,000:

Son Vo (SB):  AhAc
Rafael Lima (UTG):  QsQh
UTG+1:  Ks8s

The flop came AdQcJd, and it was a set of aces for Vo, a set of queens for Lima, and a gutshot straight draw for the short stack.

The turn card was the 4h, the river card was the 8c, and the set of aces held up for Vo to win the entire pot, eliminating both players from Flight 1C.

Son Vo  –  260,000  (87 bb)
Rafael Lima  –  Eliminated

With about 105 players remaining from a flight of 658, the average chip stack is around 125,500 (42 big blinds). Action will continue until there are 83 players remaining, and everyone who bags up chips for Day 2 will finish in the money.