Event 1: All Four One

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 5: 150/300/25 Ante

Nearing the end of Level 5, an odd four-way pot broke out.

On a board of 8sJdJc2d with four players still in the pot, seat 9 fired out a bet of 2200 and all three remaining players called. With a seemingly harmless 3c on the river, Seat 9 bet another 6k, the next two players called and a befuddled Josephine Finell was shocked to see the other three players staying in. Shaking her head, she made the call and turned up J-Q for the trips. Seat 9 showed a J-10 to be outkicked but was more in shock after the other two players mucked wondering they had than his concern for losing the pot.

A confused table also tried to figure out what the other players had and why they called with all the jacks gone while Finell, a New Jersey native with a residence here in Hollywood, pulled in the massive pot.