Event 1: Gold Gone

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 17: 2.5k/5k/500 ante

There is no longer a WSOP Main Event champion in the field. Jamie Gold had an empty seat to his left which but it was soon filled by Dan Suied. They went into a battle of the blinds as the first level of the day was wrapping up.

Action folded to Gold in the small blind and he limped before calling a 12k raise from Suied in the big blind. They both checked the Ad9dXx flop and Gold shoved for 60,000 after the Qd turn. Suied called with KxQx and was ahead of Gold’s Tx9x, neither holding a diamond.

The river blanked and Gold was done for Event 1 while Suied moved up to 210,000.

Dan Suied
Dan Suied