Event 1: Raminder Singh Eliminated in 5th ($44,983)

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 35: 150k/300k/50k

Players were buying up the 5k chips for the color up break and everything was normal until three quick pre-flop bets.

Raminder Singh opened to 800,000 from the button and Dan Suied three-bet to 1,800,000. Singh didn’t wait long before announcing all-in and Suied called about as fast as possible.

Suied: AdKs
Singh: TsTh

They were racing and Suied was asking the dealer for an Ace in the door. It wasn’t the first card pealed but the next two were gold. AcKc9c put Suied in the lead and the 4d9h turn/river sealed the deal to send Singh out in 5th place for $44,983 while Suied moved into the chiplead.

Prior to that hand, David Smith temporarily took over the top spot from Reinaldo Tronconis when his AcTs gave him a 12 million chip pot on the ThTc2c2sJh board.

Seat 1: Brett Bader – 5,550,000
Seat 3: David Smith – 14,700,000
Seat 7: Dan Suied – 22,500,000
Seat 8: Reinaldo Tronconis – 11,075,000

Raminder Singh, 5th place
Raminder Singh, 5th place