Event 1: The Royal Kessler

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 10: 500/1k/100 ante

Zach Kessler was moving in the right direction after jumping in with his second buy-in of the day. Things went south mid-way through Level 10 when he ran into Nancy Birnbaum. The WSOP-C winner shoved with 9x8x and Kessler easily called with AxKx, he was good until Birnbaum ran out a straight to knock him back.

Kessler was soon moved to a new table and called over “this could be it!”.

He was all-in with the board showing KcTc9s and found one caller. Kessler was behind his opponent’s KsQd but had plenty of out with AcJc. The JackAce was statistically favored to win and he hit the overcard on the As turn. Kessler had to dodge five knock out cards for the double and hit an overkill Qc river for the Royal Flush.

Kessler yelled to the floor staff looking for a high-hand bonus but had to settle for stacking nearly 50,000.

Those didn’t last long. Before the stacks settled he was chopped back down when his AxKx was out flopped by AxQx to lose half those chips.