Event 1: Updated Chip Counts

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 75K/150K Ante 25K

After taking a big pot off of Jeff Doan calling a 550K bet on the river with AD5D on a KCQS4SAH8C board, Lou White has taken over the chip lead with 5.425 million. Here are the updated chip counts:

Seat 1Kimani McKoy5,050,000
Seat 2Lee Stewart1,150,000
Seat 3Willie Wiggins2,075,000
Seat 4Ronnie Aparicio775,000
Seat 5Lou White5,425,000
Seat 6Jeff Doan1,600,000
Seat 7Brett Bader2,075,000
Seat 8Allan Bieler3,400,000