Event 10: Anita Pearl Eliminated in 7th ($684)

$250 Buy-In H.O.R.S.E.
Level 18: 5,000/10,000 Limits

While Jack Deutsch and Faith Klimzack were having an animated discussion about the subtle nuances of Stud games, Anita Pearl was at the other end of the table waiting for a good spot to get her short stack in the middle.

The rotation switched over to Limit Hold’em and she raised it from under the gun before Deutsch let the room know he was calling. Nancy Cope called as well from the big blind before the flop came QdJs9s and Pearl threw her final 7,800 into the pot. Deutsch asked the dealer how much he could raise and Pearl said quietly, “He’s got a set of Jacks.”

Cope called the raise to see the 2c turn and she called another bet. Cope let go of her hand when Deutsch fired on the Qh river and said “Sorry to do this.”

Pearl was almost correct when she predicted his hand but it was a set of Nines with 9c9h instead of Jacks. Her unimproved Big Slick was no match and she was sent out in 7th place for $684

Anita Pearl
Anita Pearl