Event 10 Day 1E: If I’d Known That, I’d Have Snapped

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds 500/1K Ante 100

There are 90 players left as Level 10 is about to come to a close. One player went out when he moved all in for his last 15K with pocket Kings and had the misfortune of going up against A-K that hit the Ace. A quiet double tap of the felt and he was off to look for a cash game to get into.

At another table, the action went limp for 1K, raise to 4.5K, re-raise to 9K from the big blind, fold from the limper, and call from the initial raiser. The flop came 9s2s2h and the big blind nervously rubbed his finger on his neck while contemplating what he should do. After 20 seconds, having his opponent covered by approximately 10K, he announced that he was all in and moved his chips into the middle.

His opponent went into the tank, playing with his chips, quickly riffling them back and forth in his hands, all the while staring across the table at the big blind. Grabbing his chips in one hand he made a what the hell movement of them into the center, indicating a call. The big blind turned over pocket 10’s while the at risk player turned over AsQs for the nut flush draw with two overs. The turn gave him the flush with the Js and the river was the 6c keeping him in the lead. “I thought he might have Kings or Aces, if I’d know that I’d have snapped,” said the winner of the hand as the pot was pushed his way.