Event 10 – Len St. German Crushing – Knocks Out Two

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds 25K/50K Ante 5K

Len St. German has just knocked out two players in succession and has taken the chip lead. In the first hand, Arthur Peacock opened for 125K and Len re-raised to 325K. Arthur called and we saw a TcTs3s flop. Arthur checked and Len bet 500K leading to an all-in check raise from Peacock. Len quickly called. The hands were KsKh for Arthur and AsAd for Len. The turn was the 4s and the river was the 8s giving both players a flush but Len’s ace high flush was one pip better then Arthur’s. Peacock joked after the hand that Len had a “horseshoe up his ass” and added “I was slow playing” his Kings. Oops. Peacock finished in 16th place winning $2,138.

A few moments later a short stacked Todd Altinbas moved all in with Qd8d and was called by Len in the big blind with AhKs. There was no drama on this hand as an Ace flopped and another one turned. Todd finished in 15th place which was good for $2,545.