Event 12: 4th place, Arnold Cohen – $1,273

$200 + $40 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better

Blinds: 2.5K/5K

Arnold Cohen limped, Michael Rosenberg limped, and Don Todd raised the pot from the small blind. The big blind, Mike Bruyer, folded and Cohen made the call. Rosenberg got out of the way and we saw a AcJsTh flop. Todd bet pot, committing his entire stack and Cohen made the call having him covered by 10K. Todd turned over AsAd7s4d for a flopped set. Cohen had AhKd3h5d and would need a queen to hit a straight or running hearts. The turn was the Jc wrapping up the hand for Todd with a full house. Todd would take Cohen out on the hand.

Seat 3 - Arnold COhen

Arnold Cohen, 4th place – $1,273