Event 12: 6th Place – George Dolofan ($11,000)

$2,200 Six-Max NLH 
Blinds 1,500/3,000/500 ante
5 Players Remaining 297k avg (99 bb)

George Dolofan (Miami Beach, FL)
George Dolofan (Miami Beach, FL)

George Dolofan three-bets Evan Teitelbaum from 6,500 to 22k. Teitelbaum moves all in and Dolofan snap calls for ~170k.

Dolofan: QsQc
Teitelbaum: AxJh

Flop: QhKx[X] (Dolofan, set)

The turn and river are also hearts to give Teitelbaum the winner, runner-runner flush.

Teitelbaum is now the chip leader with ~475k.

Dolofan finishes in 6th place for $11,000 and it’s his second payday of the series after he earned $1,000 in Event 1 as the Flight D chip leader. He says he suffered a bad beat on Day 2 when he flopped a set of Aces, but lost to QJ when his opponent hit a straight.

Dolofan is looking forward to playing in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship Event (April 10-16).