Event 12: A Major Stud Hand And A Triple Draw Triple

$2,200 Eight Game Mix
Level 14: Limits 2000/4000 
Limit Hold ‘Em

With four players remaining, John Thrower had mostly had a quiet afternoon. But that all changed as he became the focal point of the action this level.

Early in the level with Brandon Delnano at risk in a Stud Hi-Lo hand with Thrower and Steven Wolansky, all three stayed in the hand until the river. Delnano fired his final bet, Wolansky finally folded and Thrower called.

Thrower showed a pair of 6’s with A-2-3-4-6 but was stunned when Delnano showing 4sJc5dQh turned over A-2-3 for the wheel and scooped leaving Thrower now on the short stack.

But Thrower turned it around in 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball. He survived with a 3-5-6-7-8 when Dan Weinman was drawing one with 3-5-6-8 but got a 10 to give Thrower the double-up. Thrower then won two more hands in the 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball round and put himself back in contention for this Eight Game Mix title.