Event 13: 8th place, Daniel Blum – $1,010

$260 + $40 No Limit Hold’em

Blinds: 1.5K/3K Ante 500

A patient Daniel Blum finally picked up the hand he was looking for and moved all in over the top of Andrea Sighinolfi’s 6K opener. It wasn’t much more for Andrea to call, so he did. Blum had KsKh and Andrea AdQc. The flop was a safe one for Daniel as it came 8h5h3d. The Qh on the turn gave Andrea a pair prompting him to ask the dealer for another one. The dealer obliged with the Qd on the river to stun Blum. “Thank you,” said Sighinolfi as the dealer pushed him the pot.

Seat 10 - Daniel Blum
Daniel Blum, 8th place – $1,010