Event 13: Beasley Out on Bubble

$300 Omaha 8B (Re-Entry)
Level 17:  Limits 4,000/8,000

The Omaha/8 event moved along quicker than anticipated and they quickly found themselves at the final table with eight of the nine getting paid.

Mike Beasley was the shortest stack at the table and took a couple shots to double back into the game only to get chopped up. His final hand saw him in get the chips in with KcTh6h3c and Michael Guardino called with AdQs9h8d.

Guardino moved further ahead on the Ah3s2h flop but Beasley made two pair on the 6s turn. His comeback was cut short when Guardino made a bigger two pair thanks to the Qd river to send Beasley out.

The final eight players had the option to keep playing but it was decided to bag up their chips and return on Tuesday at 1pm to find a winner.

Final table seats:
Seat 1: Marc Perlman – 175,500
Seat 2: Daniel Genachte – 53,000
Seat 3: Michael Aueron – 28,500
Seat 4: Jeffrey Trudeau Jr. – 102,000
Seat 5: Michael Guardino – 104,000
Seat 6: “JJ” Hyon Chun – 61,500
Seat 7: Stephen Reid – 73,000
Seat 8: Lane Abraham – 43,500

Marc Perlman – 175,500
Michael Guardino – 104,000
Jeffrey Trudeau Jr. – 102,000
Stephen Reid – 73,000
“JJ” Hyon Chun – 61,500
Daniel Genachte – 53,000
Lane Abraham – 43,500
Michael Aueron – 28,500