Event 13: Nick Schwarmann Doubles Through Darryll Fish

$5,000 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$200,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 15: 1,500/3,000 with a 500 ante
Players Remaining: 11 of 61

Nick Schwarmann

SHRP Team Member Darryll Fish raised to 7,000 from the cutoff and Nick Schwarmann moved all in from the big blind for his last 66,000. Fish thought for a few moments and then called.

It was a race for Schwarmann’s tournament life with his JhJc against Fish’s KhQc.

The board ran out Th9d6c4d2s and Schwarmann won the race to double up. With one more elimination, they will redraw for seats at the unofficial final table.

Nick Schwarmann – 135,000
Darryll Fish – 38,000