Event 12: Dinner Time

$200 + $40 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better

The 9-seat on Table 41 was really trying to bust out of the tournament and even tried to talk staff out of sending the field on dinner break. He kept pushing his chips in the middle to double up or chop the pot.

“I have (Miami) Heat tickets,” he explained, “and the game starts in an hour.”

He tried once again with AcQh4c3h and was all-in against the 7-seat’s AhJhJs3s. If he was trying to get eliminated, it was an awfully good PLO8 hand to double. He jumped ahead on the QdTh3d flop and followed that up with the turned boat courtesy of the Qc leaving the 7-seat drawing practically dead.

The 9-seat once again doubled up but he was able to accomplish his goals by eventually losing to the 5-seat. The 7-seat probably wishes the basketball fan had just surrender his stack to save him some chips.

The players are now off on a 45-minute dinner break with 16 players left in the tournament.

Double dribble
Double dribble