Event 15: Cooler Turns to Ice Box

$1,650 Eight-Handed No Limit Hold ‘Em (Single Re-Entry)
Level 13: 800/1600/200 Ante

A classic cooler hand got downright frigid.

A raise from Matt Shepsky to 4,800 saw a re-raise by Victor Sbrissa to 12,000. Shepsky went over the top to 36,000, Sbrissa went all-in and Shepsky called.

Sbrissa: QsQh
Shepsky: JdJs

With Sbrissa in the lead and Shepsky looking for a jack, the flop came out Kd10cAd leaving each player now rooting for the other player’s card to hit the straight. The Jc came on the river and the card Shepsky had wanted to see before the board ran out ends up being the one to cripple him leaving him with around 26,000.