Event 15: Kris Tate Wins Deep Stack PLO ($54,080); David Prociak – 2nd Place ($31,200)

$2,200 Deep Stack Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Level 20: 15,000/30,000 | Payouts | Structure
Players Remaining: 1 of 80

Kris Tate

Kris Tate was on the button and David Prociak was in the big blind. They got 90,000 in the pot preflop before seeing a 7d3c2h board. Prociak checked, and Tate bet pot — 180,000. Prociak re-potted all-in and the hands were up.

Tate: KcJd7c3d
Prociak: Th6h5h4s

Turn and river: 7d3c2h9h2d

Prociak never hit a straight and Tate’s two pair were best. Tate defeated the seven-time Seminole champion earning $54,080 in the process. Prociak earned $31,200 for his runner-up finish.

David Prociak

A final report will be posted shortly. In the meantime, here’s a look at the final results:

1st: Kris Tate – $54,080
2nd: David Prociak – $31,200
3rd: Mike Shin – $19,520
4th: Jordan Dhanani – $13,200
5th: Mike Dentale – $10,000
6th: Jeffrey Higgins – $8,000
7th: Zhen Cai – $7,200
8th: Jeffrey Higgins – $6,400
9th: Rajesh Vohra – $5,600
10th: Eddie Ochana – $4,800