Event 17: Back for Six-Max

$1,100 Six-Max NLH (Single Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 1: 100/100


On Tuesday we threw a Six-Max tournament and it turned into our biggest short-handed field ever. Today we have two more, one in No Limit Hold’em and one in Pot Limit Omaha, and we’re kicking off today’s primary schedule with a $1,100 Six-Max NLH tournament.

The tournament will give players 15,000 stacks to start and the one-day tournament runs 30-minute levels. Late registration is available until the start of Level 9 with only a single re-entry option if they bust out.

It should be another great turnout as people warmup for tomorrow’s start of the SHRPO Championship.

  • $100,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • Players begin with 15,000 in chips and 30-minute levels
  • Late registration/single re-entry available until start of Level 9
  • This is a one-day tournament and plays until completion
  • Event 17 Structure Sheet