Event 17: Surviving the trepid waters

$5,300 Buy-In Championship No Limit Hold’em $10 Million Guaranteed (Re-Entry)
Day 1B Level 9: 300/600/ 75 ante

Vladislav Mezheritsky is all-in from under the gun, and gets 2 callers from the blinds including Amanda Musumeci in the small blind. Both blinds check down a board of 6c5h8s9cJc. Mezheritsky flips over Jh10s and scoops the pot to triple up with a pair of rivered Jacks.

Also at the same table is 2001 WSOP main event and 2007 WPT champ Carlos Mortensen, and Team Ivey poker pro Mike Leah. There’s plenty of poker talent at this table for sure.