Event 18: Dmitriy Vernitskiy – 3rd Place ($5,369)

$570 Big Stack Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max (Single Re-Entry)
Level 18: 4,000/8,000

Dmitriy Vernitskiy was riding the short stack most of the final table but was entertaining his tablemates. It all came to an end for him in a family pot. Sinn bet enough after the Qs8d2h flop to cover Vernitskiy and it was called. Joel Harwood let his hand go and Sinn shrugged while getting a small rebate on his bet.

He was drawing with AdKhJsTc against Vernitskiy’s QcTh9d7h. The Jd gave Sinn 11 outs for the KO and one of them hit the Kd river for straight over straight win to send Vernitskiy out in 3rd.

“Use a good picture of me,” he joked as he walked to the payout desk.

Dmitriy Vernitskiy
Dmitriy Vernitskiy