Event 20: Great Turnout

$400 Seniors 50+ No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 6:  300/500 with a 500 ante
Entries:  170

Kathy Liebert

The $400 Seniors 50+ is having a great turnout and there’s still time to add it up with registration open until 3:30 pm. We are racking up one of the biggest fields for this event and we’ll see where the end up.

Some friendly faces including legend Kathy Liebert, Judy Bielan, Scott Robbins, Paula Alibrandi, Paul Balzano, Mike Beasley, Nancy Birnbaum, and Nancy Thomas.

Bielan was able to catch a flight from the frigid Northeast and down in time to catch the LHPO action as it builds toward the Championship. She’s coming off a huge score, banking $236K in the $10,000 Wynn Seniors Event. Bielan will be going over some of her hands from that event with Hollywood favorite Faraz Jaka tomorrow.

Judy Bielan