Event 26: Davy Ridout Knocks Out a Player

$600 Six-Max No Limit Hold’em (Single Re-Entry)
$50,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 11:  1,000/1,500 with a 1,500 ante
Players Remaining:  90 of 330

Davy Ridout
Davy Ridout

The under-the-gun player was all in with 9s9d, and needed his hand to hold to stay alive against Davy Ridout’s AcQs in the big blind.

The board came QdJd6hKs6c, and Ridout paired his queen on the flop to win the pot with two pair, queens and sixes, to eliminate his opponent from the tournament.

Davy Ridout  –  85,000  (57 bb)

With about 90 players remaining from a field of 330, the average chip stack is about 73,500 (49 big blinds). The final 55 players will finish in the money, guaranteed at least $795 each.