Event 26 Flight C: Michael Jacobson Takes One Out

$600 Deep Stack No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 13:  1,500/2,500 with a 2,500 ante
Remaining Flight C Players: 90 of 443

Michael Jacobson

Michael Jacobson just took out one of his opponents in two parts. In the first hand, Jacobson held AhJd over the KsQs of his opponent on a final board reading 8h6d5dAs2s. That hand took Jacobson up to 68,000, and his opponent was left with a dust of a stack with 8,000.

One of the next hands saw the short stack get all in again with 9s8h in the hole this time around, and Jacobson was there once again to cover him holding AdKh. The final board was dealt QhJh6sKs4c, and Jacobson eliminated his opponent to stack up 82,500 after collecting the pot.

Martin Jacobson – 82,500 (33 bb)