Event 26: Roberto Gonzalez Doubles Through Ya Yun Liu

$600 Deep Stack No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Prize Pool:  $2,334,280 | Structure | Payouts
Level 34:  150,000/300,000 with a 300,000 ante
Players Remaining:  5 of 4,489

Roberto Gonzalez

Roberto Gonzaleaz was all in with AsJd from the small blind, and Ya Yun Liu had him covered holding pocket deuces on the button.

The board was dealt KhQs10s7s8d] to give Gonzales a Broadway straight. He stacked up 9,675,000 after collecting the pot, and Liu was still cruising with 33.8 million.

Roberto Gonzales – 9,675,000 (32 bb)
Ya Yun Liu – 33,800,000 (112 bb)