Event 27: Logan Hewett Doubles Through David Moreno

$600 Six-Max Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 27:  25,000/50,000
Players Remaining:  4 of 136

Logan Hewett

David Moreno opened to 110,000 from the button and Logan Hewett three-bet to 355,000 from the big blind with 80,000 behind. Moreno called, the flop came 4c3c2c, Hewett put his 80,000 in the middle and Moreno called.

Hewett: AdQd7c6s
Moreno: KdKc9h3s

Hewett was in trouble against Moreno’s pair of kings but the Ac turn bailed him out. The Ts river finished the board and Hewett doubled up.

Logan Hewett – 895,000
David Moreno – 135,000