Event 40: Chance Kornuth ($133,000) Defeats Scott Baumstein ($66,500)

$10,000 Heads-Up NLH (32 Max)
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Chance Kornuth

Scott Baumstein limped his button for 4,000 and Chance Kornuth said “all in”. Baumstein called at risk for 64,600 and they were racing.

Baumstein: KcQh
Kornuth: 8d8c

Baumstein had two live cards to double up but needed to improve. Instead, it was Kornuth who made a better hand with a set on the 8s6c3s flop. Baumstein was drawing dead to the Th turn and 2c river to earn $66,500 for second place.

Kornuth took the top prize of $133,000 plus his second Hollywood trophy.

1st: Chance Kornuth – $133,000 + Showdown Trophy
2nd: Scott Baumstein – $66,500
3rd: Stoyan Madanzhiev – $33,250
4th: Landon Tice  –  $33,250

Scott Baumstein