Event 40: Chance Kornuth Bounces Back Against Landon Tice

$10,000 Heads-Up NLH (32 Max)
Structure | Payouts
Players Remaining:  4 of 28

Chance Kornuth

With the flop reading 4c2s2d, Chance Kornuth bet 4,200 and Landon Tice called. The turn was 5c, Kornuth checked, Tice bet 5,000 and Kornuth called.

The river was 6d, Kornuth checked, Tice bet 30,000 and Kornuth called after thinking for a minute.

Tice showed 9s7s for air and Kornuth took the pot with Ah5h.

Seat 1: Landon Tice – 105,100
Seat 2: Chance Kornuth – 214,900