Event 40: Landon Tice Advances

$10,000 Heads-Up NLH (32 Max)
Structure | Payouts
Players Remaining:  7 of 28
Blinds:  300/600

Landon Tice

As recapped by Landon Tice, on a final board of Jx5x3x9x7x with two clubs, Tice had check-raised the flop (and got called), bet the turn (and got called), and jammed the river.

Nitis Udornpim called with Jx4x for a pair of jacks, but Tice took it down with 5h3c for two pair to win the match and advance into the final four, where he is guaranteed $33,560 and a match against the winner of Chance Kornuth and Michael Rocco.

Landon Tice  –  Advanced to the Final Four
Nitis Udornpim  –  Eliminated