Event 40: Scott Baumstein Defeats Stoyan Madanzhiev

$10,000 Heads-Up NLH (32 Max)
Structure | Payouts
Players Remaining:  2 of 28

Scott Baumstein

With 12,000 in the pot and the board reading Tc9d2cQd, Stoyan Madanzhiev bet 25,000 and Scott Baumstein raised to 125,000. Madanzhiev thought for several minutes and called at risk for 95,900.

Madanzhiev: Qc9c
Baumstein: Jh9s

Madanzhiev was way ahead with two pair queens and nines (plus a club draw) and Baumstein was drawing thin to win this hand. He had six outs for a straight (clubs bad) and got there on the 8h river to eliminate Madanzhiev.

Baumstein will now face Chance Kornuth in the final match at 3 pm for the $133,000 top prize.

1st: $133,000 + Showdown Trophy
2nd: $66,500
3rd: Stoyan Madanzhiev – $33,250
4th: Landon Tice  –  $33,250

Stoyan Madanzhiev