Event 46: Giuseppe Iadisernia – 7th Place ($21,800)

$10,000 Deep Stack Eight-Handed NLH (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 13:  15,000/25,000 with a 25,000 ante
Players Remaining:  6 of 51

Giuseppe Iadisernia

Jibrael Hindi limped in from under the gun, Brian Yoon did the same from the button, Giuseppe Iadisernia called in the small blind, and Stoyan Madanzhiev checked his option.

The flop was 9s8d2c, Iadisernia bet 175,000, and action folded to Yoon who raised all in with a covering stack. Iadisernia called all in for another 160,000-ish with Ks9h for a pair nines, trailing Yoon’s 9c8c for nines and eights.

The 2s turn and 4s river completed the board, no help to Iadisernia, ending his tournament in seventh place.

Brian Yoon  –  1,320,000  (53 bb)
Giuseppe Iadisernia  – Eliminated in 7th Place  ($21,800)