Event 46: Jibrael Hindi – 3rd Place ($65,400)

$10,000 Deep Stack Eight-Handed NLH (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 17:  30,000/60,000 with a 60,000 ante
Players Remaining:  2 of 51

Jibrael Hindi

Jibrael Hindi raised all in for 915,000 from the small blind and Brian Yoon thought for a bit before he called in the big blind with Ah7c.

Hindi showed Ac6h and needed to improve to stay alive.

The board ran out 8h5s3h2cKc, no help to Hindi, ending his tournament in third place.

Brian Yoon  –  3,730,000  (62 bb)
Stoyan Madanzhiev  –  1,370,000  (23 bb)
Jibrael Hindi  –  Eliminated in 3rd Place  ($65,400)

1st:  $179,100 + Showdown trophy
2nd:  $106,600