Event 8: Coming Up Aces

$560 Buy-In Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Day 1C Level 15: 1500/3K/500 Ante

On a flop of 4hAhJs, David Yun (Orlando, FL) bets 30k. The player on the button tanks for a bit before shoving his remaining 53K into the middle. Jordan Cutter (Las Vegas, NV) then re-shoves his 160K stack from the big blind. Yun goes into the tank for a while before deciding to make the call.

Yun: JhKh
Cutter: AdQd
Player on Button: 10hQh

The rest of the board runs out clean for Cutter as his pair of Aces hold up and he rakes in the massive pot. He also knocks out Yun on the following hand, bringing his stack up to 491K…making him the clear chip leader of Day 1C.

Jordan Cutter
Jordan Cutter (Las Vegas, NV)