Event 8: Ruszkowski and Rosello Double KO

$350 8-Handed Big Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 19: Blinds 3,000/6,000/1,000 ante

Play was pretty stagnant for the first hour of the final table with plenty of chips in action and no pressure from the blinds.

That changed in a hurry after Blain Ovind opened to 17,000 before Ariel Rosello came over the top all-in. Not to be outdone, Raymond Ruszkowski followed suit by putting all his chips in the middle and had Rosello covered.

Action folded back around to Ovind and he said “oh well” as he tossed in calling chips. Ovind had more chips than either competitor and ahead with TsTd against AsKh for Rosello and AhTh of Ruszkowski.

The dealer ran a drama-free board of 4d3d3c9s5c to give the huge pot to Ovind. With the bigger stack at the start of the hand, Ruszkowski was awarded 8th place for $1,073 while Rosello was out in 9th for $810.

S4 LAC_5746 Raymond Ruszkowski

Ariel Rosello
Ariel Rosello