Event 9: Cernutto Chips Up, Field Shrinks Down

$250 Buy-In Seniors No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 10: 500/1000/100 Ante

“Miami” John Cernutto has been fighting for his tournament life for the past few levels.  But he finally caught a break on a 6cKs3d5h2d board.  Having checked off the turn, his opponent checked the river and Cernutto quickly pushed his remaining stack of around 20k into the middle forcing the fold and getting him back to around 40,000.

While John has survived, the rest of the field has not.  At this point we are already down to 45 players approximately halfway through to today’s scheduled end time of 11 PM ET.  At this rate, it may be a very small returning field for tomorrow’s Day 2.