Event 9: Flight A Done for the Day

$570 Deeper Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 14: Blinds 1,200/2,400/400 ante

The first flight of Event 9 is in the book with 44 of the starting 177 still around to put chips in bag.

Sascha Walter was well on top of the chip counts as the final level rolled around until he got involved in a hand with Ryan Van Sanford. Walter was closing in on a 300,000 stack and had Van Sanford in trouble with 9x9x versus 7s7c.

Walter had a virtual stranglehold on the hand when he flopped a set on the Kd9c8c board. Van Sanford needed a perfect running board and got it. The turn brought the 7h and the river spiked the one out 7d to drop Walter down.

He bagged up 210,000 at the end of the level while our mysterious player who wishes to remain anonymous topped the standings with 232,000 at the end of play.