Event 9: Robert Chow Eliminated in 2nd Place ($5443)

$250 Buy-In Seniors No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 25: 15000/30000/5000 Ante

A wild ride for Robert Chow came to a stunning halt in his heads-up battle for the Event 9 Seniors Championship.

After starting heads-up play down 1.1 million to 300k, Chow fought back to take the chip lead and had a shot at the title holding KdKs vs John Cofhlin III’s 9s9h but Cofhlin ran off quads to re-take the lead and then was beaten on the next hand.

Chow does take 2nd place in this event and gets to picks up $5,443 for his efforts in this tournament.

14SHRPO Event 9 Robert Chow


Robert Chow (Schaumberg, IL) – $5,443