High Roller: Erik Seidel Eliminated by Robert Heidorn

$25,500 High Roller No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 12: 2,500/5,000 with a 500 Ante
Entries: 110

Under the gun, Erik Seidel open-shoved for 77,000 chips, and Robert Heidorn called next to act, putting Seidel at risk with his big stack. The rest of the table folded out of the way, and Seidel was in bad shape as the cards were turned up.

Seidel: KsJs
Heidorn: AdAh

The Qs7h4s flop was a good start for Seidel, and the Kc on the turn gave him even more outs with one card to come. Too many outs, really. The river was the blank 7d, and Seidel could not get over the hump. Heidorn sent him off with aces up, padding his chip lead in the process.

“At least I had a sweat,” Seidel found the silver lining as he left the table.

Robert Heidorn – 680,000 (136 bb)
Erik Seidel – Eliminated